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Our Mission: To engage in programs that: Raise Awareness, Support Research, Educate the public, or Enable patients and or their caregivers to live better lives.

How do you "live well" with Parkinson's? It isn't easy.The most rewarding moments in life are never easy. This video about Michael Phelps reminds me of the "warriors" out there who live in dark yet face their struggles head on. Listen to the coach at :54 . I say, make each day a gold medal day. You are the greatest!

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Give Parkinson's s knock out punch! Boxing? In a word, YES. Boxing involves intensive cardio workouts. But there is more. Boxing uses balance,strength training, and memory exercises. Boxing involves agility so good stretching is needed. All of these points are checklist items in skills needed to fight back Parkinson's. This video will offer insight.

You've read the text. You watched the video. You are ready to give it a try. MJFPD announces a way to save you to help you get started. Punch Parkinson's. Punch Parkinson's is a program designed to lower your out of pocket costs involved in this exciting therapy. Use the menu to look for information or to apply. click Menu, Punch Parkinson's.

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